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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a 2000-year-old beverage made from sweetened tea and fermented using a culture similar to yogurt and sourdough bread. Originating in Asia, over the centuries kombucha has garnered elusive and abstract titles—like the elixir of life and tea of immortality—because, when fermentation is complete, the culture feeds on the sugar and caffeine and in turn produces probiotics, and beneficial enzymes and acids. That’s what makes it great for your gut!

How a basic Brew Works

Better Bubbles.

Consider this: kombucha is effervescent—something we adore about it! Unfortunately, the delicate bubbles won’t last forever once your bottle is opened. So choose your bottle size according to the collective consumption habits of the lucky ‘buch drinkers you’ll be sharing with. Once a bottle has been opened for the first time, consume within 3-5 days. Mind you, we’re just talkin’ bubbles here, the flavour and healthful properties aren’t going anywhere!

64 oz

32 oz

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